I am a graphic designer with a solid education in art and design, and years of experience. I’ve had the pleasure and experience of working with many companies on countless projects, large and small. I enjoy creative challenges and problem solving opportunities. I look at every project as a story telling experience.

I am actively seeking freelance projects, either web or print.
I can help you with your marketing, graphic design, public relations projects.

As a Creative Director,
I come up with brilliant marketing concepts that help get your business or agenda noticed. I specialize in a complete package of online and print strategy, social media and brand management, using whatever combination of tools and formats needed to make you win. I offer branding and marketing advice to all sizes of businesses based on my own years of hard earned experience.

As an Art Director and Designer,
I design and build the web, print, and other materials that make up your unique project or campaign. My years of technical skills with all major software tools and techniques, constantly kept up to date, will make your site or other materials as efficient and timely as they can be. I also gather and direct any outside resources needed for the completion of your project.

As a Copywriter,
I produce superb headlines and excellent and highly creative copy. My writing ability is an extra value for small to medium sized business clients.

Let me help with your next job.
Let’s make something great for you.

Contact me.